About Us
Shanghai Conson is a professional company based on technology innovation and aiming at creating profits for clients, with many achievements in the industry cleaning field for dairy, beverage and other food types. After years of development, it has become a high-tech enterprise integrating production, R&D and sales.
Founded in
The plant covers
a total area of
about 13.18 acres
38,000 tons
Annual output of
38,000 tons
of products
RMB 400 million
Annual output
value of
RMB 400 million
Product Center
Civil cleaning
Civil Cleaning Field
Civil Cleaning
As an expert in the field of cleaning engineering, Conson has also left a prominent influence in the civil cleaning field. The product line of hypochlorous acid disinfectant launched by Conson can be used for air and surface disinfection, which is convenient to use, efficient in sterilization, environmentally friendly, providing you with an uncontaminated and secure indoor living environment.
Food industry
Food Industry Field
Food Industry Cleaning
For the food industry, most of the raw materials are rich in nutrients and easy to breed bacteria, so incomplete cleaning will lead to repeated contamination in the next batch. CIP acid alkali detergent from Conson is especially suitable for cleaning dairy industry equipment and utensils. The detergent is highly efficient and cost-effective to facilitate your farm efficiency.
Livestock cleaning
Animal Hygiene Field
Animal Hygiene
The disinfection and cleaning products associated with the milking process are the most critical components to ensure breast hygiene of dairy cows and have a great impact on milk quality, animal welfare, and farm profitability. Conson's animal hygiene product line covers the entire cleaning process of the milking parlor, laying a solid foundation for safeguarding the hygienic quality of raw milk.